I’m Mike.  I’m in Baton Rouge, LA.  I grew up here, spe06.15nt 12 years in Dallas (from my mid 20s – late 30s), and am back again.  That means I love the Cowboys and the Saints.  I like tex-mex and crawfish.  I’m a fan of soy chai tea lattes in coffee shops and skinning deer in the woods.

I have a great wife and two great kids.  They make me smile everyday.

I have a great Savior in Jesus.  He extends grace to me everyday (and I need it).

I am humbled to be able to serve at a local church in pastoral, discipleship and counseling ministries.

I try to help people and allow them to help me. I believe that, together, we can stay above the fray. I hope this site helps us do just that.